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Premium 1 litre Ornamentals

In vibrant and stunning colours these plants have instant sales appeal and our range includes geraniums, argyranthemums, osteospermums, begonias, dahlias and other favourites, all top quality in an ever evolving selection. To see what we have available this week, click on This Week's Plant List opposite.

Our Premium 1 Litre Ornamentals Production List is not exhaustive and if the plant you are looking for is not on the list, please enquire. Plants available in season and subject to availability. 


  • Zonal Geraniums - Huge range of vibrant colours: Velvet Dark Reds, Reds, Scarlets, Oranges, Dark Salmon, Light Salmon, Rose, Light Pink, White, Violets, Purples, Lavenders, Corals, Bicolours, Mosaic Purple, Mosaic Red
  • Variegated-Leaf Geraniums - 'Contrast', 'Distinction', 'Frank Headly', 'Lotusland', 'Occult Shield', 'Vancouver Centennial'
  • Scented-Leaf Geraniums - 'Orange Fizz', 'P.Fragrans', 'Concolour Lace'


  • Non-Stop Begonias 'Mocca' (Dark-Leaf) - Cherry Red, Scarlet, Deep Orange, Pink, Yellow, White
  • Non-Stop Begonias (Green-Leaf) - Appleblossom, Pink, Rose, Orange, Red, Deep Salmon, White, Scarlet
  • Trailing Begonias 'Illuminations' - Apricot, Golden Picotee, Pink, Rose, Orange, Scarlet, White
  • Trailing Begonias 'Tenellas' - Pink, Salmon Orange, Rose, Scarlet, White, Yellow


  • Fuchsias - hardy varieties, approx.15 of the most popular varieties.
  • Fuchsias - trailing varieties, approx. 20 of the most popular, including some double-flowered ones
  • Fuchsias - 'Bush' or 'Upright' varieties in approx. 20 of the best varieties

Other Premium Ornamentals

  • Osteospermums - many types and colours, doubles and singles
  • Argyranthemums - all colours, doubles and singles
  • Dahlias - various types including specialities
  • Lavenders - 'Hidcote', 'Munstead' plus others
  • New Guinea Impatiens - all colours
  • Coleus - various colours
  • Cosmos - lemon
  • Pinks   'Scent First'
  • Garden Pinks
  • Gauras - white and pink
  • Heucheras - large selection of excellent colours
  • Rudbekias - gold
  • Ranunculus - red, white, pink, orange
  • Heliotrope - blue
  • Bracteanthus - orange, red, yellow, white
  • Angellonias - pink, blue, white
  • Polyanthus  'Stella' - gold, champagne, deep red, violet, white