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Hanging baskets and plants for hanging baskets from Mortimers Nurseries in Calstock Plants for the patio We grow and deliver quality petunias in 6 packs and pots from our nurseries, Calstock Hanging baskets and plants for hanging baskets from Mortimers Nurseries in Calstock Add a splash of colour to the patio with patio plants supplied by Mortimers Nurseries

Plants for hanging baskets and patios

We grow an extensive range in various pot and pack sizes, in all the most popular varieties and colours from petunias, lobelias, geraniums to verbena. Ideal for all types of hanging baskets, window boxes, patio pots and containers. We can also supply these ready planted in a variety of hanging baskets and containers. To see what we have available this week, click on This Week's Plant List opposite.

Our Basket and Patio Plants Production List is not exhaustive and if the plant you are looking for is not on the list, please enquire. Plants available in season and subject to availability. 

9cm pots:

  • Anagallis - blue
  • Bacopa - blue, white, pink
  • Bidens- yellow
  • Brachyscombe - blue, white, pink, yellow
  • Calibrachoas - special vibrant colours
  • Convolvulus - blue
  • Diascias - all main colours
  • Dicondra silver
  • Felicia blue
  • Hedera ivy - silver and gold
  • Helichrysum - gold, variegated, microsilver
  • Lobelia - cutting-raised, white, blue, rose, purple
  • Lotus - red and orange
  • Lysimachia - 'Outback Sunset' and 'Creeping Jenny'
  • Mercadonia - gold
  • Nasturtium - 'Red Wonder' and 'Banana Split'
  • Nemesias - 8 colours
  • Nepeta
  • Petunia Surfinias - 12 colours
  • Petunia 'Vivas' - 10 colours
  • Petunia 'Thumblelinas' -  8 colours
  • Petunias - various other 'special' colours
  • Plectranthus
  • Sanvitalia - yellow
  • Scaevola - blue and white
  • Verbena 'Aztec' - 10 colours
10.5cm Pots:
  • Ivy-leaf Geraniums - best F1 varieties,superb colours, mixed and separate colours
  • Huecheras -  many excellent varieties
6 Pack:
  • Fuchsias - 'Bush' and 'Trailing' mixed
  • Ivy-leaf Geraniums....mixed and separate colours
  • Impatiens - mixed and separate colours
  • Begonia Semperflorens - mixed and separate colours
  • Isotoma - blue, rose, white
  • Pansies and Violas
12 Pack:
  • Lobelia - 'Bush' and 'Trailing', all colours and mixed
1 Litre:
  • Geraniums - variegated, scented-leaf, zonal geraniums
  • Osteospermums -  all colours
  • Argyranthemums - all colours
  • Fuchsias - 'Trailing' and 'Bush' varieties
  • Non-stop and Trailing Begonias - all colours
  • New Guineas - all colours
  • Coleus
  • Bracteanthus - orange, yellow, red
  • Heliotrope - blue
  • Angellonias - blue, white, pink
  • Gauras - pink and white
  • Scent-first Pinks
  • Cosmos - yellow
  • Huecheras - large range of varieties
  • Dahlias - many colours and types

This week's plant list

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